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Kim Kardashian's New Song 'Jam (Turn It Up)' Audio

Kim Kardashian has a new song titled 'Jam (Turn It Up)'! Listen it here by clicking the play button at

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melissa rycroft and tye strickland baby girl 2011

Here's a picture of Melissa Rycroft (Bachelor) and her baby girl! Picture from OK

Lady Gaga thinks that her new fragrance smells like an expensive hooker, apparently.

lady gaga new perfume like expensive hooker 2011

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“The perfume smells like an expensive hooker,” she said.

“But in making that perfume I did want to extract the scent of blood and semen on a molecular level. So it won’t smell of blood and semen but it is in there. You kind of get a feeling like after sex and then the blood is kind of primeval.”

Whoa a bit of science term there, but still...who'd buy it?? I wonder I wonder I wonder...

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Jay Chou and Nicolas Tse Movie Set in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia 2011

jay chou and nicholas tse movie set in kuala lumpur malaysia 2011

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Asiaone reported that Taiwanese superstar Jay Chou and Hong Kong actor Nicholas Tse will be shooting their latest movie titled 'Against War' here in Malaysia! The big-budget movie will be directed by Dante Lam who has award-winning films such as Hit Team, Beast Stalker and The Stool Pigeon.

The key location for the film shoot in Malaysia will be the old Kuala Lumpur Railway Station. China Press also reported that other possible locations would be Chow Kit, Brickfields and Port Klang.

A spokesman from KTM Berhad said that discussions are in progress for the movie shoot. They're currently discussing the filming requirements and would be finalizing the matter next Tuesday. Topping the list of items is the railway's rolling stock and the rail tracks will also be used extensively. Wow wow wow. Action movie I think this one.

David Beckham's New Tattoo of Jesus on Left Chest

david beckham new tattoo jesus on left chest

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David Beckham has got a new tattoo! It's right above his left chest and he showed it off on Facebook.

He said that all of his tattoos has special meanings to him, this new one is of Jesus carried by three boys; Beckham said that at some point in life his boys will have to look after him. Of course they will..