Nene Leakes Divorce with Husband Gregg

Nene Leakes, one of the stars in Real Housewives of Atlanta, is definitely getting divorced from her husband of 14 years, Gregg, reported.

nene leakes from real housewives of atlanta divorce from husband gregg on january 2011

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Gregg's 34 year-old son told;

The paperwork is being done. Nothing has been filed, but lawyers have been retained. There are so many small intricate points that they’re asking for … talks about alimony and spousal support,” he explained. ”She wants to keep the house and move on with her life,” he said. “They’re trying to portray it as ‘we’re not getting divorced’ and they’re trying to work it out right now, but that’s not the case.

Sad thing to see a marriage crumble.


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